Peter Martell is a British writer. He grew up on a sheep farm in Northumberland, and began working as a reporter in Scotland. 

In 2005, he stuffed a rucksack and headed to Zimbabwe to learn how to string as a foreign correspondent, crossing the continent before sailing across the Red Sea and living in Yemen. He spent several years in South Sudan for the BBC, and was also based in Eritrea, then ranked worst in world for press freedom, and from where he was predictably expelled.

He has reported for the French news agency AFP from over a dozen countries, including postings in Nairobi running the East Africa bureau, in Lagos for West Africa, and is now covering the Middle East and North Africa.

His first book, a history of the world's newest nation, South Sudan, told through the extraordinary stories of the people who made it, was named a Book of the Year by The Economist and The Spectator. He is working on his second book, the story of how communities came together in a remarkable home-grown conservation movement.

To his continuing surprise, he won a Guinness World Record for playing the highest game of cricket, on top of Kilimanjaro.

Cricket on KIlimanjaro. Peter Martell/AFP. September 2014. 

Shortlisted for the Wisden-MCC Cricket Photograph of the Year, and Sports Illustrated 'Wackiest Sports Photos'.

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